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For hiring managers who are seeking a fast-learning, passionate, punctual individual, I am a current College Marketing Representative with multiple music industry internship experiences. I will provide your team with dependable work and an immediate understanding of influencer partnerships, ideation, event planning, and social media strategy. Unlike other recent graduates, I have been interning and/or working every semester of college since the summer of my freshman year, have led deadline-oriented project teams, and have built networks in New York, Los Angeles and Nashville.

I value professionalism, integrity, and efficiency in my work and personal lives. Right now, I am looking for an entry-level job to lead to a successful career in the music industry. From the first day, I will come into work eager and ready to maximize my usefulness with what I am given.

Other than my lifelong love for music, I have passions for fashion, photography, healthy living, and fine arts. I try to incorporate all four into my daily life, where I often peruse the local music scenes, thrift and resell vintage clothing, and eat a plant-based diet. When it comes to the people and opportunities presented to me, I am open-minded to new ideas and inspirations.